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The Embodied Alchemy Method

5 Elements of Wholeness

A course in living with depth & intention, for women that desire a life of love & legacy

It’s Time For Action! 

You long to connect to your soul and life’s purpose to create a life of Love & Legacy, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re ready for Spirituality Level 2, (if there was such a thing).

You want spiritual guidance that’s pragmatic and grounded in principles that you can see and touch.

More importantly, you want actual steps that assist you in achieving your desires to make them a reality. (you’re tired of just talking or thinking about them)

You feel the call for the deep dive into your own inner work to know yourself more deeply and possibly in a way that you’ve never been able to before now.


Your heart aches to be part of the solution in healing our collective.

The answer to all of this starts with you and your ability to feel whole.

Everything you need or have been looking for exists within you.  Now if only you could access it.

Heres where the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine can show you the way!

The Embodied Alchemy Method

A course in living with depth & intention, for women that desire a life of love & legacy


Guided by the ancient teachings of Chinese medicine and the 5 Elements, this program leads you through the wisdom and energetics of each of the 5 Elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire) and teaches you how to harness them.

Within this medicine the answer to “Why You Are The Way You Are” can be uncovered by revealing your 5 Element Type (the world’s oldest personality test & philosophy) along with the directions on how to use this information to open yourself up to your desires, wisdom and unique capabilities so that you may feel whole.

When you feel whole you love from a deeper centre.

When you feel whole, you’re able to share your light.

When you feel whole, you feel free.

Free to live the life that you’re meant to be living.

Creating a life of profound impact and legacy that ripples out beyond your knowing or intention.

The 5 Elements provide the stepping stones and path to confirming your wholeness while using the same tools to manifest your hearts desire into reality.


The Pathway To Wholeness


Starts with a SPARK OF DESIRE. (Fire)

In practices of SELF-LOVE you affirm your self-worth and your place at the centre of your life. (Earth)

Where structure and ritual provide the safety to SURRENDER and let go of the places where you get stuck or choose not to leap, to make room for creativity & purpose. (Metal)

When your desires and dreams comes into alignment with your AUTHENTICITY

along with the people and things that you love. (Water)

Which makes way for EMPOWERED ACTION and direction to arise while deeply connected to the truth of your vision (Wood)

Coming full circle and by keeping your heart open, remembering that this life is meant to be lived, to manifest desires, to connect and create  COMMUNITY inspired from unconditional love and service (Fire)

Within this method is the potential to honour both the dark and light within you.  To crack open and surrender so that they cycle can be renewed within you, AND, at the same time use these same tools to assist you in going after your dreams, your desires and a life of profound impact.

When you feel whole there are no limits to what you can be, do or manifest into your reality.

Lorie Dechar

lorie-head-v2In the Embodied Alchemy Method, Ashley shows us that the ancient mysteries of Chinese medicine are as alive today as they were 3,000 years ago. She shows us how to use these ancient ideas to live more vibrant, rich and fulfilling lives. She is a courageous, caring and deeply committed healer and teacher who walks her talk and isn’t afraid to speak her own mind.  Ashley has created a great course for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better!

Lorie Dechar

Author & Alchemical Acupuncturist 

Gemma Stone

gemma-340I want to live in a world where love flows freely and wisdom runs deeply – the divine feminine is the way into this world. Ashley’s radiant warmth and joyful presence will light the way.

Gemma Stone

Rochelle Schieck.


Ashley Abbs is a modern day medicine woman.  Modern day in that she is living a full life as a mother, wife, friend, acupuncturist/healer, and entrepreneur.  Medicine woman in that while doing all the things every busy woman does in her life, she has prioritized maintaining her connection to source and using her intellect to serve her constructively by mapping out the five elements as an accessible offering for all of us who didn’t have the extra time to go to acupuncture school for 4 years, practice for 10 years, etc.  Ashley has the magic touch where simply being in her presence or thinking of her inspires the remembering of how very important it is to attune to our natural rhythms as women and the natural rhythms of mother earth.  To learn from her is a blessing of incredible depth, height and width. These teachings will help you honour the journey you are on by connecting you to a long lineage of those who have also walked this path of embodied alchemy.

Rochelle Schieck.
Founder of Qoya

How the Embodied Alchemy Method ~ 5 Elements Of Wholeness ~ Works and What You Can Expect From The Program

Curriculum: The Embodied Alchemy Method is a self-led course broken down in to 6 phases.

The curriculum walks you through discovering your 5 Element Type to provide insight on “Why You Are The Way You Are” and weave this insight into an in-depth exploration and inquiry of each element’s (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire) energetics and teachings to promote a deeper relationship witween you and this ancient medicine.

These Audio Lectures are set up so you can listen any time from your computer or smartphone. You can stream them from the internet or download them to your home computer or phone. The whole curriculum is created and taught by Ashley Abbs, Acupuncturist, Mentor, Mother and founder of

Life-Time Access: You’ll receive access to this program and the community, year after year, for the lifetime of the course so that you may reenter the circle as often as it’s required.  Welcome to the family!

Journal: Download a PDF of your journal from the member’s site. The journal is a great way to deepen your experience with the material, hold yourself accountable to your goals and reflect on how the elements applies to your specific life and desires. Your Embodied Alchemy Journal is full of personal inquiry exercises, vision prompting, desire setting and plain old room to write.

Community: A private Facebook Community has been created to support you through your journey to realizing your Element Type and aligning it with your desires 24/7. Ashley Abbs will be holding space for mentoring and Q & A to ensure that your personal needs and requirements are being addressed so that you may experience a deeper understanding as it relates to your Inner Alchemy and your goals.

Bonus Material: Rochelle Schieck the creator of has beautifully curated QOYA movement rituals for each phase of the program.  this will allow your body to crystallize this medicine within so that you may reveal your own inner wisdom and remembering.

A Complete Healing Guide of tips, practices and self care remedies to help support your Element type and enhance your experience of each elements energetics is also included with each membership.

This is My Story

The Embodied Alchemy Method is broken down into 6 Phases

Phase One: Your Inner Alchemy

Why you are the way you are

• Discover your 5 Element Type, the world’s oldest personality philosophy.

• Understand each of the 5 elements and how they’re manifesting within you.

• Identify the areas of your life that each element governs and understand why you may get stuck where you do, as well as where it’s relatively easy for you to flourish.

• Light the spark of your desires. Where is your heart leading you?

Phase Two: Earth

Self Love & Intention

• Find your centre in the whirlwind of life’s busyness.

• Cultivate a grounded experience within the Earths Energies, and how they may support you on your path to wholeness.

• Set intentions to allow your heart’s desire to be heard.

• Discover how self-love, sacred adornment and pleasure are the keys to affirming your Self Worth and feeling supported.

Phase Three: Metal

Surrender & Ritual

• Cultivate a relationship with the Metal Energy, its structure and artistry.

• Foster sacred space and ritual to surrender systemic and out-dated patterns of belief and doing that you no longer require.

• Prioritize your relationships and where you spend your energy.

• Discover where perfection and comparison are sabotaging your efforts and greater legacy.

• Find safety and beauty in the dark and chaotic to uncover the artist and creative within.

Phase Four: Water

Authenticity & Integrity of the Bigger Picture

• Embody a deep relationship with the Water Energy and its ability to reach the depths of your soul.

• Make way for magic when the Divine and your spirit, heart and soul meet to aligh with your life’s purpose.

• Embrace the expression of your emotions so that you may stop seeking and instead look inward and trust the wealth of your own wisdom ~ You are your own guru.

Phase Five: Wood

Visioning & Empowered Action

• Harmonize your Wood Energy so that your ambition aligns with your truth.

• Reconcile and unite the structure and support of the Divine Masculine to foster the Feminine’s creativity and potential

• Reclaim your anger and discover how it may liberate and bring you closer to your desires.

• Implement soulful strategy and planning to create actionable direction to fulfill your vision.

Phase Six: Fire

Love, Service & your Beautiful Legacy

• Harness your Inner Fire and its ability to inspire and connect.

• Establish healthy boundaries to protect your heart and its ability to love unconditionally.

• Ignite the feminine in play and celebration in your daily life.

• Cultivate intimacy, passion & desire within your relationships and greater circles of influence.

• Connect to spirit and the greater legacy that your desires impact the wide world and then share it.


Bonus Materials

• Six Movement Rituals that have been beautifully curated by Rochelle Schieck the (creator of for each phase of the method.  These movement rituals are an invitation to allow your body to embody this medicine more deeply to assist in revealing your inner wisdom and remembering that you are whole.

• Elemental Healing Guide of tips, practices and self care remedies to help support your 5 Element Type and embodiment of the Elements.

Breanne Hull

breanne-340When I am all over the place, being too hard on myself, and lacking clarity, Ashley is the woman I reach out to. Her deeply intuitive nature, insight and advice leave me feeling clear, focused, and soothed.From the moment I met Ashley, I knew she would be a guiding light in my life. Her soft spoken nature is so soothing, and behind it lies the soul of a very wise woman.

Breanne Hull, emotional eating coach at

Brooke Brown

brook-340Ashley’s presence is so calming and grounding. Her coaching style is to supply her immense knowledge and incredible intuition and translate that into a really motivating energy for her clients that helps them move past blocks and ease into living the life they have always dreamed of! I would recommend working with Ashley to anyone, her unique style of working with the 5 elements to deepen and enrich our understanding of ourselves is so valuable and so important.

Brooke Brown

What’s possible when you feel whole?

You get to decide.  When you feel whole there are no limits to what can be, do or manifest into your reality.

Imagine a moment in the very near future where you’re able to access and embody each of the 5 Elements and their wisdom to support you in creating a life where you trust your heart and inner knowing. A life where your questions have immediate answers and your next steps and directions arise serendipitously.

It’s all waiting for you,

Waiting for you to trust the call and say yes to what your heart already knows to be true.

The time is now.


Pay in full $497 CAD


2 payments of $250 CAD (billed 30 days apart).

*Given the nature of a digital product there are no refunds. Let’s do this together!

Deanne R.

deanne-340I can’t thank Ashley enough and her Embodied Alchemy program. It has been truly transformational for me. With the love, light and true authenticity of Ashley I have been able to incorporate the beauty of the elements into my everyday life. The Embodied Alchemy Method has helped me find Me and my Divine Expression.

Deanne R.

Paula Jordan

paula-340I will be forever grateful to Ashley for posting gorgeous photos on FB & IG of herself posing with lively women and wearing bright red lipstick. Following her online postings was like watching a stunning flower blossom. I wanted to know what she was doing and how I could get it for myself. Thus began my life altering work and sisterhood with Ashley. Ashley’s combination of intuition and communication style helps my fiery nature grasp concepts while grounding me. She makes the information come alive. I absolutely love the elements work which reminds me to look to nature to become aligned, refuelled and nurtured. If you are looking for substance, depth and support in living a life embracing all aspects of yourself, working with Ashley’s program is what you are looking for. I can’t emphasize enough or put into words how much respect, admiration and love I have for this woman. My life is better because of her.

Paula Jordan

Shannon McEwan

shannon-240I admire Ashley for her ability to integrate rich intelligence, accurate intuition, & a warm heart into her career & personal life. She is deeply driven by growth. Because Ashley is constantly learning it makes it very easy to rise to your best self in her presence. Ashley’s most liberating transformation that I have had the pleasure of witnessing is her expansion to be seen by the world & show sincere vulnerability in her brand as a doctor, mother, wife, woman, humanitarian, & dream weaver. Ashley’s philanthropic nature promotes the welfare of others in a disarming, simple, awe-inspiring way. If you are fortunate enough to have her guide you on your journey you will be grateful you made the connection

Shannon McEwan, Author

About Ashley Abbs

Acupuncturist, Mentor, Mother, Creator of The Embodied Alchemy Method, Owner of TerraSana Health and founder of

Ashley’s mission is to help women feel whole, unleash their creative potential and create a life of love and profound legacy. Can you imagine how different the world would be if women spent less time asking themselves “what’s wrong with me” and started saying “this is me?” She has also experienced first hand how revealing your Inner Alchemy and embodying the 5 Elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented, restoring wholeness to create the life of your dreams. Ashley has helped hundreds of women finally love their lives and bodies through her website and her signature program, The Embodied Alchemy Method.

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