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The Embodied Alchemy Method

5 Elements of Wholeness

A course in living with depth & intention, for women that desire a life of love & legacy

The key to knowing what you want and going after it starts with knowing who you are.

The answer to “why you are the way you are” is revealed when you know your 5
Element type, the worlds oldest personality test and manifestation method.

Are you an Earth, Metal, Water, Wood or Fire Type?

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When you know your Element Type and how each of the elements can support you, you feel whole, loved, and alive in your body and life’s direction.

Theres a flow and creativity that makes everything seem easier and more balanced from relationships to career and your daily routine.

This opens the doors to the heart to ignite the spark of your desires and the path to go after them.

The Time Is Now

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Deanne R.

“I can’t thank Ashley enough and her Embodied Alchemy program. It has been truly transformational for me. With the love, light and true authenticity of Ashley I have been able to incorporate the beauty of the elements into my everyday life. The Embodied Alchemy has helped me find Me and my Divine Expression.”

Catherine D.

“What a journey! This has been an amazing opportunity working with the 5 Elements and Ashley. I knew learning more about the 5 Elements would be good but it has been life changing for me in a magnificent way! Thank-you Ashley!”

The Embodied Alchemy Method will give you the education, support and accountability you need to embody the wisdom of the 5 elements and create a life of profound impact, love & legacy.

About Ashley Abbs

about-ashley-abbs-calgaryAcupuncturist, Mentor, Mother & the Creator of The Embodied Alchemy Method and founder of & owner of TerraSana Health.

Ashley’s mission is to help women feel whole, unleash their creative potential and create a life of love and profound legacy. Can you imagine how different the world would be if women spent less time asking themselves “what’s wrong with me” and started saying “this is me.” She has also experienced first hand how revealing your Inner Alchemy and embodying the 5 Elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented restoring wholeness to create the life of your dreams. Ashley has helped hundreds of women finally love their lives and bodies through her website and her signature program, The Embodied Alchemy Method.